YahmarEntaCar - Your Trusted Choice for Budget Rent a Car at Riyadh Airport

Dec 23, 2023


Welcome to YahmarEntaCar, your go-to car rental service provider at Riyadh Airport. Whether you need a car for your vacation or business trip, we offer affordable and reliable options tailored to suit your needs. With a wide range of vehicles and impeccable customer service, we strive to make your journey as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Car Rental Services

At YahmarEntaCar, we understand the importance of having a reliable mode of transportation during your travels. Our car rental fleet consists of various makes and models to cater to different preferences and requirements. From compact cars for solo travelers to spacious SUVs for families, we have it all.

Convenience and Affordability

Our car rental services are designed with your convenience and budget in mind. We offer competitive rates and flexible rental periods, allowing you to choose the option that best fits your needs. Furthermore, our online booking system enables you to reserve your vehicle in advance, ensuring a hassle-free experience upon your arrival at Riyadh Airport.

Quality and Safety

When it comes to the safety and quality of our vehicles, we never compromise. Our fleet undergoes regular maintenance and inspections to ensure that each car is in top-notch condition. We prioritize your safety and provide comprehensive insurance coverage for all our rentals, giving you peace of mind during your journey.

Truck Rental Services

In addition to our car rental services, YahmarEntaCar also offers reliable and affordable truck rental solutions. Whether you need to transport goods for your business or move house, our trucks are well-maintained and equipped to handle various cargo sizes.

Flexible Truck Options

Our truck fleet includes different sizes and capacities to accommodate your specific requirements. With options ranging from small cargo vans to larger trucks, you can easily find the right vehicle for your needs. Our team is also available to assist you in selecting the most suitable truck for your purposes.

Reliability and Efficiency

We understand the significance of timeliness when it comes to transporting goods. That's why our trucks are well-maintained and regularly serviced to ensure optimal performance. With YahmarEntaCar, you can rely on our trucks to deliver your cargo safely and efficiently.

Budget Rent a Car at Riyadh Airport

If you are arriving at Riyadh Airport and looking for a budget-friendly car rental option, YahmarEntaCar is the perfect choice. We offer competitive rates specifically tailored for airport rentals. Our dedicated team will meet you upon arrival to provide a seamless experience, ensuring your journey in Riyadh starts on a positive note.

Easy Airport Pickup and Drop-off

Forget about long queues and waiting times at the airport. With YahmarEntaCar, airport pickup and drop-off are made simple. Our representative will be ready to assist you upon your arrival, guiding you to your rented vehicle without any hassle. When it's time to return, you can conveniently drop off the car at the designated area, saving you time and effort.

Explore Riyadh with Ease

Riyadh, the capital city of Saudi Arabia, has much to offer. From modern skyscrapers to historical landmarks, there is no shortage of attractions to explore. With your budget rental car from YahmarEntaCar, you have the freedom to discover the city at your own pace. Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of having a reliable vehicle during your stay.


YahmarEntaCar is your trusted choice for budget rent a car services at Riyadh Airport. With our wide selection of well-maintained vehicles, competitive rates, and exceptional customer service, we strive to exceed your expectations. Whether you need a car for a business trip or a truck for transporting goods, we have the perfect solution for you. Book with us today and experience the convenience, reliability, and affordability we offer.

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